CONGRATS! You're a Coach!

And, you’re ready to start booking clients… PAID clients!

But there's just one small thing:

You didn’t start a coaching business so you could learn how to build a website. 

And, yeah. . .
you could figure it out.

But do you really want to? And, more importantly, what if you didn’t have to?

What if there was a service built special, just for coaches like you who don’t want to deal with the tech stuff? 
Because you became a coach to support, nurture and encourage folx to be their best selves, not to build a website

(Gosh we could use more of you in the world!)

Does this seem exciting to you? Gosh I hope so ’cause it does to me! But I’m not a coach so… 😉 

So here’s the goal:

I’m looking to build an easy, business-in-a-box solution specifically for life coaches. We’ll call it CoachLaunch!

Ok, but why life coaches? Good question. My partner just completed her program so it’s mildly self-serving. (AKA I’m committed to its success!)

But – since I’m not a life coach, I need YOUR input. So please, take a moment, complete the form and sign up for updates. There’s zero commitment (of course). But your answers will help shape the future of CoachLaunch!

Thanks for your time!


p.s. we’re still in the discovery phase over here. That means making sure there’s enough interest, that this solution solves the problems you need addressed, and that it can be done for a price that works for everyone. 

Opt-in for updates and I’ll keep you posted as things move ahead! 🙂

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